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Funding Solutions 

"Entrepreneurs who create formal business plans

are 16% more likely to achieve viability

than non-planning entrepreneurs." 

-The Harvard Business Review

Our BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS provide a path to funding support for mission-aligned nonprofit and for-profit businesses that are launching, scaling, or replicating their

sustainable innovations.

We provide a competitive edge in the highly competitive funding marketplace, ensuring your long-term success.

Our FUNDING SOLUTIONS encompass multiple steps, as determined by your growth stage.

Needs Assessments. Our Needs Assessments determine market demand for your product or service.


Feasibility Studies. Our Feasibility Studies assess the potential success of your innovation. We are a trusted independent contractor for  USDA and SBA lenders. 

Business Plans. Business Plans are indispensable in assessing the goals of your project and the tactics necessary to attain them. A Business Plan is of the utmost importance for startups because it helps potential funders, lenders, and investors evaluate your

venture's viability and growth potential. Additionally,

Business Plans help established businesses stay on track.

Marketing Plans. Our Marketing Plans tell your story most

compelling to potential funders, investors, and customers.

Funding Studies. Our funding studies evaluate your organization's unique  needs to identify funding opportunities and track critical deadlines from the

following resources:

  • City & County Agencies

  • Utility Companies

  • State Agencies

  • Federal Agencies

  • Private Foundations

  • Corporate Foundations

  • Individual Donors

  • Impact Investments

Grant Writing Services. We have extensive experience

in successful funder cultivation and grant writing. 

Contributions. We've secured seven-figure donations

to help sustainable organizations thrive. 

Impact Investment. 

Our growing network of impact investors shares our

priority for advancing environmental and cultural 

cultural sustainability.

Event Planning. Our event planning services include:

  • Stakeholder Meetings

  • Design Charrettes

  • Capital Campaign Kick-Off

  • Fundraising Galas 

  • Grand Openings

  • Staff Development 

  • Board Training

Capital Project Solutions

We assist with site selection, Net-Zero and Green building design development and certification,  and project management.

ESG Compliance

Investors and funders are increasingly interested in putting their money where their values are. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data helps socially conscious stakeholders support ethical, responsible corporate policy that mitigates risk. We help organizations achieve their full potential with ESG compliance and development solutions to create an environmentally and culturally restorative world.​​


Needs Assessments


Feasibility Studies


Funding Studies

Business Plans


Grant Writing Services

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Organic Farming 

I   N   S   T   I   T   U   T   E 

This is more than a Funding Opportunity. It's a peek into a world where people and the planet thrive!

Over the past decade, our for-profit affiliate, Eco-Asis, has helped mission-aligned organizations

secure over $104 million in grants, low-interest loans, contributions, and impact investments.

We're fundraising to provide "Seed Grants" that expand access to the Business Development Solutions

proven to  help entrepreneurs launch, scale, and replicate regenerative solutions

that cultivate environmental and cultural sustainability.

                                                                    Your tax-deductible donations help BIG IDEAS take root.                                                             

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